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Posted by admin | Main | Sunday 26 April 2009 5:34 pm

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E Cig Source

electronic cigarette reviews

Are you new to E-Cigarettes and not sure where to start? Or maybe, you’re not new to E-Cigarettes but just not happy with your initial choice of brand or model? On E Gig Source you can view the top producers and top selling products and find their reviews.

The E-cigarettes are a revolutionary new smoking alternative that looks, feels and tastes like a cigarette or cigar, and gives smokers all the pleasure and satisfaction of traditional smoking without all the health, social and economic problems.

The electric cigarette is non-flammable, driven by modern microelectronic technology, a small rechargeable battery and a unique replaceable cartridge and membrane containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine, and a scent that emulates tobacco and other flavorings.

Smoking Everywhere

Smoking Everywhere, Inc. is a Florida based company pioneering in electronic smoking products. The team behind Smoking Everywhere Electronic Cigarette has been product testing and researching the possibility of a tar-free alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and is currently manufacturing a ground breaking electronic smoking device.

Smoking Everywhere E-Cigarettes are designed to look and feel like a traditional cigarette. They are made of the best quality materials and technology. The company stands behind their products by giving ONE YEAR (12 months) replacement warranty.

With the Smoking Everywhere E-Cigarette starter kit you get two rechargeable batteries, which will give you a long-lasting, “smoking” experience. The batteries and the atomization chamber come with a ONE YEAR (12 months) warranty and have been certified by CE & ROHS.

The costs of smoking traditional cigarettes are becoming too expensive. A normal pack of cigarettes costs between $4.00 to $6.00 (average$ 4.26). However, with the Smoking Everywhere E-Cigarettes most smokers can enjoy significant savings (based on source: http://www.cdc.gov).

After your initial investment of the Smoking Everywhere E-Cigarette starter kit, you should start to notice savings of up to 50-80 percent, depending upon your customary usage.

A single Smoking Everywhere cartridge is equivalent to approximately 15-20 tradittional cigarettes but is cheaper then any pack of cigarette in New York City.

Great Company that offers great products and world class customer service with 12 months Warranty.

A great new e-cigarette has hit the market! It’s called the Smoke 51 from Smoke51.

This new generation of e-cigarette is as astounding performance wise as it is conceptually. It’s a two-piece design, with atomizer and cartridge (containing e-liquid) built into one piece and a battery. At long last, no more e-liquids getting in your mouth, on your lips or hands! The company has made great strides in perfecting this design with a newly redesigned microprocessor built into the battery which when activated by inhalation, injects tiny droplets of e-liquid into the atomizer.

When you smoke the Starter Kit, you will get a very nice “throat hit” and then the amazing exhalation of literally tons of thick vapor! This aspect is particularly pleasing; the sheer volume of harmless smoke and nicotine satisfaction from one draw outweighs the many e-cig’s I’ve tried thus far!

Just imagine: no more atomizers getting clogged up, needing overnight draining or maintenance of any kind! A new atomizer is built into every cartridge. Each cartridge is equal to approximately 20-25 cigarettes. And that’s just the design aspects of this revolutionary new device.

If you want to give up the nasty and dangerous qualities of regular smoking, you’ll have no problem whatsoever switching over with this great little device.

The Starter Kit comes with two different battery sizes, both of which perform equally as well. One is a high capacity battery measuring 78mm in length; the second is a super mini measuring only 60mm long. Combined with a cartridge, measuring 35mm, you get both a 95mm long e-cig and an approximately 105mm device.

Cartridges come in a variety of delicious flavors and of course there’s a menthol flavor for all you menthol smoker’s out there. Other flavors range from coffee to vanilla (my personal favorite).

This “new” offering of E-Cigarette truly represents the second generation of e-smokes! It’s my personal opinion that this is where the whole market will be heading in the future. Additionally, customer support is second to none and Smoke 51 offers a 30-day money back guarantee because they’re so sure you’ll like what they have to offer. And this forum contributor most certainly does like what this amazing entry to the electronic cigarette line offers!

If you still haven’t quite found that perfect E-Cigarette, then prepare to be more than pleased with the Smoke51 Starter Kit!

Update: Try this code “DSC-399” at checkout and you should get 30% off.

Supreme quality and world class customer service.


Smokeless Delite Electronic cigarette company is a United States based company that delivers quality electronic cigarettes in a manner that is punctual and meets customers demands. Their goal is to have customers electronic cigarette starter kits and electronic cigarette cartridges shipped out the same day they order, and have them delivered within 2-3 days of ordering the electronic cigarette starter kit. Smokeless Delite is the only electronic cigarette company to offer auto-ship cartridges for customer convenience. Their auto-ship is an easy and simple way to get your affordable electronic cigarette cartridges at your door step on the selected dates that you choose.

To get started, you purchase a low cost electronic cigarette starter kit. The starter kit comes with the smokeless cigarette and battery charger to charge this electronic cigarette. You’ll also receive Smokeless Delite’s nicotine cartridges with your order. Simply add the cartridge to the smokeless cigarette and your ready to smoke! Each of these cartridges are equivalent to about 2 packs of cigarettes. You smoke when you want, and where you want! And you can do this, at a fraction of the cost of smoking real cigarettes! No Smell! No health Risk! Just relief from the urge to smoke at a fraction of the cost of real cigarettes!

They have a new product called NEW Premo and the package includes in the Premo Electronic Cigarette starter kit:

1 (FREE) pack of cartridges
1 Complete Mini Electronic Cigarette ( 1 Battery & 1 Atomizer)
1 (FREE) Smokeless Delite Battery
1 Electronic Cigarette Charger
1 Electronic Cigarette Power Line
1 Electronic Cigarette Instruction Manual

The Premo Smokeless Electronic Cigarette by Smokeless Delite is comparable to the size of an actual cigarette. The Premo Electronic Cigarette by Smokeless Delite is FREE of tar, carbon monoxide, tobacco and cancer causing agents. The electronic cigarette kit comes ready to use right out of the box. Included in the electronic cigarette starter kit is a free sample cartridge box that contains:

1- High Nicotine Cartridge (16mg)
1- Medium Nicotine Cartridge (11 mg)
1- Low Nicotine Cartridge (6 mg)
2- No Nicotine Cartridges (0 mg)

Just put in your new cartridge and your ready to use. It’s that simple!

We LOVE manufacturer’s who stand behind their products and that is one of the reasons why Smokeless Delite has been added to our exclusive list. Try their smokeless cigarettes for 30 days and if you’re not 100% satisfied, simply send them back and they’ll refund 100% of the purchase price for the product.

Why Smoke E-Cigarettes? E Cig Source will tell you why!

  • Health – Save your health from harmful chemicals contained in tobacco products. “The Revolutionary Electronic Cigarette”, Is is FREE of tar, carbon monoxide, tobacco, cancer causing agents, Carcinogens.

  • Cost Savings – Cartridge refills are a fraction of the cost of traditional cigarettes. One 5-pack costs about $20.00 which is equal to a carton & one half of regular cigarettes.

  • You CAN Smoke Anywhere – “FAA”, “TSA” & “Homeland Security” APPROVED for smoking Anywhere.

  • Odorless & Smokeless – No longer will you offend loved ones & friends with tobacco stained teeth & smelly clothing. Since the device does not emit smoke it is free of dangerious second hand smoke.

Still Can’t Decide? In reality, you can’t go wrong with any of the dealers listed on this site. E Cig source would not have chosen them to review otherwise.

We hope you return to our site again in the future as we will continue to post reviews, news and helpful articles on electronic cigarettes and look for the best deals for you!

Electronic Cigarette reviewed.

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